Native American (Iroquois-Mohawk) composer, producer and performer, Anthony Joseph Rice-Perttunen studied composition and orchestration under Frederick Kaufman, Jan Krzywicki and Andrew Rudin at the University of the Arts, Philadelphia, after completing Bachelor of Music Classical Guitar studies with honors in 1986.  Rice-Perttunen also participated in Master Classes led by Oscar Ghilia and Eliot Fisk at the Aspen Music Festival.  Over 30 years, Rice-Perttunen has written, produced, conducted, recorded and performed classical and avant-garde music, jazz, folk, pop, rock, poetry and performance art for recitals, dance, film, theatre and nightclubs in Oulu (Finland), Philadelphia, Aspen, Los Angeles, New York and Anchorage, Alaska.

While composer-in-residence for Philadelphia’s DanceFusion in 1990, Rice-Perttunen composed and recorded soundtracks for the Emmy Award-winning film The Rest of Donna and Afterthoughts as well as the premiere of Harvest Song, choreographed by Joe Cicala.  Rice-Perttunen followed that by directing, producing and participating in performances at New Jersey’s Walt Whitman Center, Philadelphia’s Settlement Music School and Group Motion Theater.

In 1993, Voces Novae et Antiquae (VNA) commissioned Rice-Perttunen to write Song of the Clam for chamber ensemble and choir.  VNA premiered Song of the Clam - in the aboriginal Alaskan language of Aleut - in a special Native American composers concert inPhiladelphia later that year.  Also in 1993, Rice-Perttunen began two years of producing, recording and performing with Philadelphia blues legend, Georgie (Gatormouth) Bonds and Ulali founder and Nammy Award-wirnning jazz, blues and Native singer-songwriter, Pura Fe.  By 1995 he had recorded with Hunkpapa Sioux traditional flute player Robert Yellowwolf.  Then in 1998, Rice-Perttunen was invited to perform original Mohawk music with the Grammy Award-winning international performer and composer, Paul Winter and became a regular performer at the Oneonta First Night Festival series in New York.

In 2004, Rice-Perttunen desired to return to music after a four year sabbatical.  He began performing with Nammy award nominee, Mohawk cellist and composer, Dawn Avery.  In 2007, Rice-Perttunen joined Avery and Tsalagi (Cherokee) traditional flautist, Ron Warren, for a special concert at the Smithsonian National Museum of the Native American.  By 2008, Rice-Perttunen had returned to Philadelphia to record with the internationally reknown tenor saxophonist, Larry McKenna, jazz singer Jeannie Brooks, and the mercurial and gifted jazz pianist and composer, Tom Lawton.

Rice-Perttunen lives in Oulu, Finland, where he continues composing, producing and making music. He is continues developing a cycle of multi-lingual solo songs for the gifted Finnish mezzo-soprano/violinist Virpi Raisänen-Midth, composing a saxophone quartet for Thelonius Monk award-winner Jon Gordon, recording his debut CD of original music and is now also teaching English language songwriting workshops in Finland.

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