AJ Rice samples (updated January 9, 2010).



Facets excerpts:

Feelings of Missing You

Clip of rough mix from February 08 Philly session; Jeannie Brooks (vocal), Tom Lawton (piano), Larry McKenna (tenor sax), myself (classical guitar), Dan Monaghan (drums) and Paul Gehman (upright bass).  Written in 1980 for longtime friend and singer/songwriter, Tina S. Marie.


Mountain Man

Clip from one of my oldest (late 70s) songs.  Mountain Man is an old-timey country- bluegrass style, inspired by Robert Redford's classic, Jeremiah Johnson.  Appropriately, I'll be dedicating this one to dear friends: Dick Beeler of 'High Lonesome' New Mexico and 'Cowboy Jeffey' Ward of Montana. Here's to you, fellers.



Urbanality excerpts:


Starla (mono)

I wrote and recorded Starla in the late 80s, before my voice had matured.  Will ultimately re-record vocals, drums, guitar, ambient sound effects and backup vocals and remix in a more modern style.


Jet Set (mono)

Another rock tune from late 80s.  Again need to re-record vocals, drums, guitar, backup vocals and remix.


Urban Dream (mono)

Third rock tune from same time.  Again, will re-record and remix.




Miscellaneous Excerpts:


Jazz Arrangement of Beatles' Yesterday:

Recorded at the small stage on the second floor of Oulu's Ravintola Tervasoihtu.  I started the chart during Easter 2009.  Rehearsals began in late 2009.  Recording engineer was my dear friend Jarmo Pentikäinen.



     Riikka Keränen            Samu Forsblom         Mikael Myrskog          Anssi Tirkkonen    Henri Ilari Tötterström

        (Vocal)                        (Tpt/Flglhorn)                   (Piano)                          (Drums)                         (Bass)


November 2009 Performance: Leaves Song Cycle:

YLE 1 Finnish National Radio broadcast of Uuden Musiikin Lokakuu Festival's performance of my song cycle Leaves.  

- Introduction -

Here the Frailest Leaves of Me

Sometimes With One I Love

O You Who I Often And Silently Come

- Closing Comments -

                    Performers were:

        no image available             

Anna Maria Jurvelin     Ulla Roiko-Jokela             Markku Korhonen 
       (Soprano)                        (Piano)                            (clarinet)



Prophecy is more Native American, perhaps a nod to Bill Miller.  It features Ron Warren (Tsalagi) on traditional flute, Dawn Avery (Kaniekehaken) on cello, myself on guitars, sequencing, percussion, Spark Livermore on pow wow drum, Walker Pickens on Tchauyuk, Genevieve Humenay on vocal effects.



Orchestral music I wrote for Emmy Award winning director Don Cox' movie, Afterthoughts. Unfortunately this track is from a poorly mixed pre-prroduction for the film. Patience, I'm currently rescoring this for a better recording.  The movie, Afterthoughts, borrowed a bit from Hitchcock's take on the psychology of perception.  Ergo, the the dark and churning texture I chose to use here.


Demo for DMA

Style: Brasilian Rap, Instrumental.  DMA (Dudu de Morro Agudo) is a poet and rapper not far from Rio de Janeiro who I met through my wife.  I'm working on a re-production of this for re-recording DMA's Ginga da Favela for him.


Harvest Dance

This clarinet and flute duet is from a post-modern chamber suite (Harvest Song) I wrote for the choreographer Joseph Cicala and the DanceFusion modern dance company of Philadelphia.


Zuni Mountain Sunset

A brief sketch, in a Native Ambient style that I've been working on.

Studio / Work clips


    Please practice the honor system with the files immediately below.  If I've not authorized you to download them - please don't.  These are recording and rehearsal files for the musicians working with me - not for your entertainment.  Thanks for respecting my wishes on this. - AJ




Yesterday - (short, rough Demo)

Yesterday - improv section

Latest Rehearsal

Guitar-Piano rehearsal



Round Midnight Demo zip

Lullaby in Birdland Demo zip




Another Night in Philadelphia mp3

Borders of Our Lives mp3

Path of Least Resistance mp3

Cotton Gin Blues mp3

Wild turkey in the Morning mp3

Musher mp3

Three Moments mp3




Leave it on the Ground mp3




Musher mp3



Virpi / DK

Soba mp3

Cipres mp3

Palimpestos mp3



Forest Water mp3

Denali mp3



Anne Fiskvik

Conexus mp3








Honor Song